We serve the people who work for us and ensure ongoing investment in the highest-class facilities and benefits for all of our employees.

Saving for the Future

Over 65% of our employees are part of a provident fund scheme. They contribute 8% of their basic salary to this fund each year and Echotex match this contribution. In addition to this they will also get given a gratuity equivalent to 5 months of their basic salary after 5 years of service.

Brac Bank Account

This savings project is in collaboration with IPA – Innovation for Poverty Action. Every worker is given a BRAC bank account when they come to Echotex, free of charge. In addition we arrange personal loans and deposit schemes through the bank. Today more than 70% of workers receive their wages electronically through BRAC bank.

Annual Wage Increment and Bonuses

Wages are raised by 10% after the first year following good performance and to compensate for inflation. 

Time Off

All workers have the right to 10 days casual leave each year and can earn up to 18 additional days off. 14 days of paid annual sick leave is also awarded.

Free Meals for All

We aim to provide a proper balanced diet for all our workers. Each day we cook hot lunch onsite for 8000+ employees free of cost. Breakfast will soon be introduced in addition to lunch. These meals not only improve the health of our workers, they ensure high productivity in return.

Paternity and Maternity Leave

We were proud to be the first factory in Bangladesh to introduce paternity leave (1 week paid) alongside our ongoing maternity leave (16 weeks paid) commitment.

On site GP

We have an on site primary health care clinic with two doctors available for all members of staff. This offers free general check ups, first aid and medication.

Reproductive Health

Free sanitary products are provided for all female workers. In 2015, we signed a MoU with SNV to assist us in training female workers on the importance of reproductive health and personal hygiene.

Support and Development for Women

We welcomed Phulki to Echotex to educate over 4000 of our employees on the rights of women, children and vulnerable peoples. Phulki also provided reproductive health training for all female staff with a focus on safe M.R, family planning and motherhood skills.


Echotex currently runs an onsite day care centre for the young children of employees who have no other means of childcare. The facility has been very successful and we are now, with the expertise from BRAC, looking to establish a further two daycare facilities within our worker communities

“With increasing competition in the global apparels trade, Bangladesh needs to maintain its competitive edge and capitalise on its largest asset - its human resources. Investing in the skills development of its workforce, as Echotex has done using its in-house facilities, will help it do this.”

-Alison Blake, British High Commissioner



BRAC for Better Living

Echotex, with expertise from BRAC, is developing a 3-year project to improve its working environment and to create more opportunities for human rights development.  Among others the project shall provide training on female leadership, gender equality, legal aid, preventative medical care, child daycare facilities, and pre-primary education.

Building Professional Skills

This year Echotex welcomed Debenhams and DFID to the factory to conduct a new training programme for young workers. Sudokkhu provides intensive training for unskilled entry-level garment workers to develop them into specialized machine operators within a two-week period. British High Commissioner Ms. Alison Blake visited Echotex on 6-June-2016 to view the projects achievements.


Encouraging Female Leadership

With the assistance of GIZ, Echotex undertook a project that aimed to enhance the management skills of female garment workers and to train them in the role of line supervisor (2012).  The factory currently has 6 lines led and run by female employees including helpers, operators, supervisors, line leaders and quality inspectors. We hope to achieve 10 female led lines by the end of 2016. 



Collaborate with us

We strive to be a role model for Bangladesh and the rest of the textile world and so welcome opportunities to reach out and do more.

If you or your organisation are interested in working with Echotex in the future please contact us to find out more.


Since our founding we have invested $1.5m in protecting our people

At Echotex we treat fire very seriously and we take every precaution to ensure our workers safety. Onsite we have a fire rescue team and trained first aiders. Every building has sensitive smoke/heat detectors and effective hydrant systems installed. In addition, 150 world class NINZ fire doors have been fitted along with four external stairways to facilitate complete evacuation. Each month drills are carried out by firefighters so that everyone is aware of the emergency procedures.